Dead End

May 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Mother earth has provided so much for us
Yet we have provided nothing for her
Only being selfish
Taking but not giving
Using but not replenishing

Now we are worried
Now we decide to care
Because there is nothing left

Her non-renewables are becoming scarce
As well as her population of unique creatures

Her land growing father apart
He salt water becoming plentiful
And her fresh water dissipating
Her sunshine more brilliant
And her ozone more depleted
Her pure air now a haze of smog

We are only saying thank you
And trying to return the favor now
Because we have taken too much

She is growing old and weary
And can’t give much more
So it’s now up to us to change

We cannot make these changes
Thinking only for ourselves
We have to want to change because
We have taken too much
We have to want to give back because
She has given so much
In the hope that she will give more
We have to give respect and kindness
That can be passed
From one generation to the other
We cannot give back just to replenish her
And start this trend over again

We have to think thousands of years
Into the future
We have to give back in hopes
That then in thousands of years
She will be ready to give more
And when she does
We have to continue to thank her
For all she and given
And all she is going to give

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