Strangers on the Street

May 21, 2008
Strangers on the Street

You may come to my wedding,
But you won’t walk me down the aisle.
You won’t be able to give me away,
Because I’ve already stepped out of your grasp.

We may have a physical bond,
But there is no emotional connection.
The cold scissors of circumstance have cut all ties,
And this relationship can’t be sewn back together.

We’re more like strangers on the street than a father and his daughter.
Nervous conversations, one-week visits,
This doesn’t make a lifetime,
This is a false season of smiles.

You gave me my name,
But I belong to no one but myself.

And I know you don’t see it,
But I’m your mirror image.
No matter how much I may despise it,
I have all of your characteristics.
Stubborn, Independent, Daring,

I am your daughter.

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