May 21, 2008
Depression creeps and crawls
Making holes so you can fall
It pulls away your dreams
Ripping you apart at the seams
Blood and guts will spill
But it never seems to get its fill
It likes to watch your heart slowly break
Whatever gives you pleasure it will take
Hiding in my little room
Waiting for impending doom
There’s only one candle left
Soon the monsters will take the rest
Dare I flee and try to hide
Somewhere deep inside
All the doors I lock as I run
Lead to happiness and the sun
Will these doors open again
Will my heart ever mend
I’ve waited now dare I peek
Will it forfeit this game of hide and seek
Will I ever get my body back
Or if this just the first attack
The noises slowly fade away
I can’t tell if it’s night or day
I hear someone asking me to play
I’m not sure of what to say
I open the door ever so slightly
Forgetting what was ever so frightening
At first it seems that it was just a horrible dream
Until I hear and unearthly scream
The door won’t close
It’s blocked by a single rose
Should I let it start again
Do I dare trust him even as a friend
I fall down to my knees
To break the rose with a gentle squeeze
My heart is already torn
And roses have very sharp thorns

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