Faded memories

May 21, 2008
By james hollingshead, Saint Joseph, MO

With every cut memories of you are gone
Everything the good times and the bad
All the way to your death
For every drop of blood
From my pulsing veins
My memories slowly fade away
With alcohol and bullets you ended your life
And left all in pain
So with every drop of blood
From pulsing veins
My Memories slowly fade away
You made five big mistakes on that sad, sad night
You went and bought a bottle there’s one
As my blood runs red
Then you got your gun there’s two
As my blood drips away
You took your life there’s three
Now I feel the pain
You left us your family to sit here and cry
There’s four
I now feel the warmth of my blood
And the fifth will be the deepest
For it was your greatest mistake
You left your two little girls
Your pride and your joy
To sit here and wonder why
And for this with every drop of blood
I spill from my pulsing veins
My memories of you slowly fade away

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