The End.

May 21, 2008
By Mysti Veronen, Menahga, MN

Life is a crazy trip but dont be scared,
You will get hurt so be prepared,
dont give up, just hold on,
You've gotta remember that youve gotta be strong.
You'll find the one just give it time,
You'll get your heart broke, but youll be fine.
And although at times it seems like time stands still,
If you stop what ur doin you'll miss out, and you kno you will.
The days past quick and the nights do too.
You gotta live today like there wont be tomorrow no matter what you do.
Don't wait for tomorrow cuz you wont get back today,
Be thankful that you've got it now cuz in the end itll be to late.
So tell the ones you love, you love them, and hold on to them tight.
Enjoy every moment of happiness, before you reach that place of light.
Smile often, and rarley be sad,
Because if you live your life to the fullest,
The end wont be so bad.

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