May 21, 2008
What is red?

A color, a feeling, a thought?
Can you be red?
Can you touch red?
What is red?

Can red run? Can red talk?
Can red see? Can red feel?
Can you really love red?
As a person, as a thing?
Can red really be your favorite?

What is red?
How do you define red?
“A color”, but what color?
“a hot color”, but is it warm?
If red can’t feel, how can you feel it?
If red can’t see, how can you see it?
What is red?

Red is love, and warmth, and heat,
Red is on my shirt, and in your hair,
And on the bike lying on the ground.
Red cannot run, or talk or jump,
But red can be seen, but not by some,
This is red.

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