May 21, 2008
I am the bracelet that lies upon her fragile wrist.
I am the twinkle of the stars against the black night sky.
I am the iridescent shimmer at the bottom of the river.
I am smooth against his skin.
I am cool against her skin.
I am the links that connect the timepiece.
I am the garland on the tree.
I am the goblet that holds the wine.
I am the bells and coins ringing on her hips as she moves.
I am the halo atop the angel’s head.
I am the wedding band on his finger.
I am the crown modeling that lines the ceiling.
I am the glow that reflects off the water.
I am the rays that shine from the sun.
I am the bell whose sound reverberates off the wall.
I am the promise ring on her finger.
I am the cheery wrapping paper beneath the tree.
I am the seas of corn and wheat that blow in the cool breeze under the sunlight.
I am the long shiny hair that gently drapes over her shoulders.
I am that sand that sparkles throughout the beach.
I am the necklace that trails down her chest.
I am the chain that he wears so proudly.
I am the gleam that says forever.

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