Free At Last

May 21, 2008
She slips out her window and down the back stairs
the bright night sky shining off her dark hair
she runs through the garden and stops on the grass
she lets out a deep sigh, free at last

She doesn’t rest for long before she’s again on her way
she doesn’t look back, for she knows she can’t stay
Lost in a world of lace and frill
the world has been turning but she’s stood still

When her parents wake a note will be taut
in the side of her door telling them where she’s gone
Father will be angry, Mother will be scared
this may have made her turn around, had she really cared

She sees him, his eyes green as the sea
she rushes, runs, races, as does he
they laugh and embrace and slowly sit down
looking up at the stars from the cold, frosty ground

He hands her a ring and she slips it on without word
the silence, a blessing, that need not be stirred
they look down at her ring finger and smile
the joy they feel now makes the past pain worthwhile

It’s time to leave this uppish town in which they’ve been confined
to forever be looked down on by the citizenry left behind
they run through the town and stop on the grass
and they let out a deep sigh, free at last

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Kara said...
Aug. 27, 2008 at 2:32 pm
I think this is a wonderful poem. This artist shows true talent and will only get better over the years.
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