Hope Is Loved

May 21, 2008
By Zak French, Fairfield, ME

Hope is loved

Hope is a young girl about 5 or 6,

She loves the woods, so she collects sticks.

She likes to read and draw pictures in the dirt,

Then gets back up and cleans off her shirt.

She gets ready for dinner and grabs her teddy,

She sits at the old table and eats her spaghetti.

She sits alone and eats her meal,

She thinks about something of value that no one can steal.

She loves her family no matter what,

As she holds her teddy close to her gut.

After supper she opens her parents door,

And sets her blankie out on the floor.

She wakes up and stretches her smile,

She grabs a shirt and skirt out of the pile.

She goes outback and collects more sticks,

Looks at them close to check for ticks.

She stacks them up to look like a house,

A small little mansion compared to a mouse.

She looks on the ground and finds a small bug,

She picks him up and he feels like a rug.

She puts him down and in the house he wiggles,

Hope watches him and she's filled with giggles.

She goes inside to greet her mom,

Her mom's smile explodes very subtle and calm.

Hope holds out her hand and she gives a tug,

Her mom pulls her up and gives her a hug.

Hope sits on her bed and takes off her shoe,

Her mom holds her close and says,"I love you."

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