The Depth of My Love

May 20, 2008
By Keith Voytek, Chandler, AZ

As I awake in the morn, each day becomes
More wondrous than the last,
For I know that my day will be filled
With the sweet siren-song of your voice

With each fleeting glance, my heart
Cries for you eternally
Longing to pour out my feelings
Longing to know yours

Each day I sit in silence
Watching you in admiration
For when you’re near
Every moment becomes breathless

Every time we touch
I feel the warmth of your soul
Wrapping me in an aura
Of unbridled jubilation

The days go by, and as I watch
I do what I can to help
Trying to bring that sensational smile
Back to your flawless face

If love were measured in flowers
Mine would cover the mountainside
If love were counted in water droplets
Mine would fill the oceans

Each parting is not sad
Each goodbye not painful
For I know that for every farewell
What awaits me is a hello

As I lay my body to rest
A deluge of joy consumes me
As I know each day will be better than the last
So long as you’re in it

Though I have not much to offer
I can promise this
Whatever happens, I will remain resolute
In admiration, and in friendship, with you

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