It's a Wonderful World

May 20, 2008
By Yujin Hong, Centreville, VA

It's a wonderful World,
people say
while millions of people
are being killed in wars
and billions of children
are suffering in Africa

While pollution is killing
the earth
while many people
don't have homes
or are orphans

While dangerous people
are going around
and arguments
and fights are spreading
like wildfire in a dry forest

And still some people
just sit back
and observe the world
around them
not thinking
of what dangers
lie ahead

But there is a
flicker of hope
in the murky
darkness of hatred
and violence.

And that flicker of hope
is the people that
are working
trying to stop
us from destroying

But one day,
there will be world peace
no more fights
no arguments
no mourning or worry
Nothing but a wonderful world.

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