May 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Everyone saw her,
They saw her gentle smile,
Her unwavering beauty and grace,
They saw her surface,

I knew better,
I saw the sadness in her eyes,
In those deep sapphire eyes,
With tears never to be shed,

I saw it,
The secrets she hid away,
The walls around her heart,
The fears she held,

I felt it,
The pain radiating from her body,
The pain she hid,
Her shattered heart,

I sensed it,
The fear she would emit,
The silenced battle within,
Her desire to cower away,

I heard it,
Her muted scream,
The cry for help that would never come,
Her silent fall into depression,

I saw what others could not,
I longed to hold her,
To comfort her in her jaded world,
Oh, how I wished for her genuine smile.

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