The Ocean & the Air

May 20, 2008
And here I stand on this forbidden, hell engulfed cliff
With nothing but sorrow & the deadly sins
The Moon is painted blood red, a terrible sign
Haste, I must make, to choose my final destiny
But fear tightly wraps around me, tucks in like a blanket, I’m out of air
Exhaling the air that lied, I become poisoned through my lungs
Down underneath is a ocean that told the truth, so darkened it was
Cloudy, I’ve been, longing for a final goodbye
I cry warm, salted tears one last time & remember when I was real
Close my eyes, spread out my wings, & soar to the ocean
I soared through the dishonest air into the trusted sea
The coldest water caresses my face, at ease it puts me
I hear nothing but silence, the rush of currents carries me away
Somewhere where my soul can be free forever
I want to be in a place where only my desires of a fantasy can come true
Only God could take me to that special place, no one else can
A final look back on the life I once had, I’m filled with no regret
I swim merrily across the baby sand ocean floor
Filled with so much exhilaration, so much one’s soul can experience
The lies have been cleansed with the truth
I just relax & let it all out, swim swiftly across the ocean, finally fulfilled my dream
I float with so much happiness, and with my choice, I shall stay underwater
Only then can I finally become free of such suffering and silence
With God’s permission, I’m allowed to remain in the place where I’m happy
He has made me the guardian, the protector, the Angel of His water
Yet still, I fear that the horrible, tragic lies will soon come back
He’s promised me that nothing of the sort shall happen ever again
With those words, I can believe anything now, as long as it sound to be true
This spirit is now able to set herself free from despair
A floating spirit, a happier soul...

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