A Break with Pieces Attached

May 20, 2008
By Lucy Mitchell, Lake Placid, NY

You make me so angry
My whole body shakes and I want to cry
My throat gets tight and i want to
Strangle your skinny little chicken neck!

I told you why it was over and
I know you never loved me
Because if you did
You would've had the courtesy to call once in a month.

You never wanted me to talk-only to listen
So now when you call you say hurtful things and
Hang up before I can defend myself
I wasn't your girlfriend: I was your slave.

And I did what you told me to because
I thought that was love. I was wrong.
I've never felt love because I can't
Until I love myself.

You showed me my flaws mercilessly
But never mentioned my pros and if you
Broke up with me I shouldn't mind because I'm less than you.
But if I end it, I'm a shallow tart because it's about you.
It's always about you.

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