In the Mirror

May 20, 2008
You tell yourself if you ignore him, maybe he'll go away.
Maybe he'll leave you alone.
What a joke. He doesn't stop.
Ignoring him only makes him more annoying.
He leaves the other girls alone but not you.
You alone are his target and it is you he wants alone.
He is a horrible child. Cruel and merciless.
You long to hit him.
One day, one day you will.
You try not to let him get to you but he does.
His words pierce deep into your fleash and into your heart and your eyes become wet.
Because you care.
You have always wanted to be accepted.
You want to make everyone good.
You want to be loved.
Such hatred given to an undeserving person is cruel and unusual in all sorts of ways.
He makes you angry. He makes you sad.
He makes you feel worthless and fat and ugly and all the things you have tried to avoid being your whole life.
He asks you personal questions you'd rather not answer.
Your hand itches to slap him.
Everything about you is vulnerable to his torture and when you lash back, it only makes it worse.
You're not used to being teased.
You are so sensitive.
And yet,
Life goes on.

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