To the girl with a broken heart

April 2, 2010
By Anonymous

I see you standing there, showered in light
But I know, inside, you’re consumed by night
It’s like everything is wrong, your world crashing down
And inevitably in the ocean of pain you will drown

Is that the echo of where your heart used to be?
What happened to that smiling girl I long to see?
The hollow silence of where your laughs had been
And his scorching mark upon your skin

The comforting warmth of his strong hold
Left your crying and empty body so cold
The smile that once left you breathless
Those feelings you just couldn’t express

All the things I want to say, things you need to hear
But I know you’re filled with pain too hard to bear
Maybe you won’t hear it from this far away
So I pray to the swift wind to carry it your way

“Don’t smile if it’s going to be fake
And pretend you can’t feel the heartache
It’s alright to break down and cry
If it makes it easier to kiss him good-bye

There is no shame in missing him
Feelings still flowing far over the brim
It’s alright to want to make things right
To return to things before the ending fight

But the curse of restraining bind ended
Leave the broken shards that can’t be mended
Forget this shattered mirror that caused so much pain
And don’t try to extract that scarlet stain

Move to other things and try not to think
Of that wineglass that you used to drink
If his phantom is still in there, make him the past
Make bitter images into gentle memories that last”

When those rivers of tears start to run dry
And when the bright shine returns to those eyes
When your smiles are reborn on your lips
And when you’ve grown strong from the hardships

Maybe you’ll give me the chance
To lead you to start a new dance
Maybe you’ll let me kiss you in the rain
And wash away remains of the dying pain

Maybe you’ll allow me to whisper in your ear
Those six words that will wipe away all fear
To lean in and feel your presence so near
And say to you “I love you. I am here.”

So I stand here, drinking this wine
Waiting for the day when you’ll be mine

The author's comments:
The title just popped in my head and the rest just flowed

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