April 8, 2010
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"In darkness,I'll try to be
The brightest light you'll ever see.
In times of grief and sorrow,
I'd be there to turn cries to laughter.

When you thought you were alone,
I'd never leave your side.
If you cannot open the door that leads to your happiness
I'd be the best key you'll have.

When people don't want to listen,
I'd lend my ears to you.
For the things you wish to happen,
I'd open my hands and catch those falling stars for you.

When you thought the world is against you,
I'll always be with you, as long as you want me to.

Who am I to you?
Am I your friend,sister,either best friend or enemy?
Or maybe I'm just your reflection?
You can only see yourself within me,
Yet,I'm still INVISIBLE".

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