Gaurdian Angel

April 7, 2010
By PyRuhe GOLD, Neenah, Wisconsin
PyRuhe GOLD, Neenah, Wisconsin
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I'm not her guardian angel, infact I am far from it.
But I watch over her night and day
Wondering what would be if I could say what I wanted to say.
I stand lost in a crowd helpless to stop her falling tears.
I've given up my right to pat her shoulder
I see in her eyes, that smile is fake
She can not hide her pain from me.

What can I say, when I have no voice to speak?
The me she once knew is dead now
I killed her when I jumped infront of a train as commanded to
I know what I did in the past is wrong
Just another reason I watch over her, strong.

With eyes that see straight through her
First to know, with nothing I can do.
Surrender myself, give into faith
I pray for her.
"She needs help," I whisper to a friend
Word is passed on until someone finally realizes
Its not that hard to see
When her make-up is smeared and she stands shaking
Does no one hear her cry for help?
If a tree falls in the forest anf there is no one to hear it...
Does it still make a sound?
She screams her heart out
But I left her to fall alone.
I gave up my right to catch her
It's because of me she falls.
Read between the lines, listen to her favorite song
It will tell you more about her than she knows how to say.
I am not her guardian angel
I'm rather far from it.

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