money doesnt buy happiness

April 7, 2010
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You can't buy my love
You can't buy my affection
You can't buy the sparkle in my eyes
All your money can buy is my attention.
My love is to be won
My affection is given
The sparkle in my eyes is priceless.

Your words make me smile
They make me laugh and blush
But your voice does nothing
You could never spend enough
To make my heart race or my head spin.

Here comes my best friend
Poor, sweet and funny
When our eyes meet, I'm swept off my feet.
When he speaks, I can not breath
He knows everything about me, and just how to kiss me
His scent draws me closer, his arms hold me tighter
I wish the time we spent together would last forever.

You can't buy my love
He already won it
You cant buy my affection
I've freely given it to him.
You can't buy the sparkle in my eyes
It's because of him they sparkle so bright.
All you wasted your money on was my attention.

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