Shadow kissed

April 7, 2010
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Shadow kissed and eternally damned
She has fallen into the deamon's trap.
A creature so horrible, so foul, so cruel
A creature that thirsts for the fallen tears of woe
That hungers for hearts that still weakly beat.
He stalkes his prey in plain day light
Because his secert is reveled at night
Everyone sees who he wants them to see
Everyone sees that he is her disease.
He spies, waiting for her weakness to consumer her
Moonlight glistens off his pale skin
The wicked transformation begins.
Spreading dark wings, he takes his true form
A vulture that strikes terror in his doe eyed prey.
Blood and tears stream down her soft cheeks
Falling from her newly frozen undead eyes.
Her skin grows whiter, smoother, tougher.
Looking in the mirror, there is no reflection
Only the pain in her chest reminds her of life.
Her veins run blue as she fails to draw in a breath
Her chest feels lighter, and drenched in blood.
She rips open the poorly stitched gap between her perfect breasts
She sees nothing, but red and snapped arteries
The monster stands beside her, her heart in his hands
she looks up at him with icy eyes
Licking blood off her lips that he has let drip
It is not until she had her first taste
That she begins to turn into a monster herself.
Moonlight finds the couple, transformation begins.
While his black feathers shimmer with blood she grows her own wings.
Brightly they ignite with flames as she flaps them roughly
Trying to escape, she feels her leg caught.
A gold chain has bound her to him
Now more than ever, she is his.

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