April 7, 2010
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Sometimes i sit here staring at the moon
Wondering if you are staring too
If for this moment in time our eyes are both seeing the same starry sky
Looking at the silver jewl i look straight thourgh
My eyes are set on seeing you
Although im home alone and you are god knows where
I wonder if you still stop and stare
At the moon, thinking about me.
My chest feels lighter, my cheeks burn red
Its almost as if your arms are wrapped around me.
You would feel the soft moist kiss i left upon your cheek
If you were staring up at the same lonely moon.
Wishing you were here not there.
Do her kisses make you feel the same
Or are they less passionate, more tame
Would i be asking to much just for a moment in time
When once again i could call you mine
As we stare up at the same cold moon.
Two worlds apart
He still holds my heart.

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