Green-blue eyes

April 7, 2010
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The bruises weren't enough,
To stop me from running back to him.
The lies filled my broken heart
I was what he wanted me to be
Blind and obedient, willing to bleed.
I didn't think twice when he made me scream.
I like to say I was saved by Katt
She pumps within my veins
She says the things I shouldn't say.
Every pinch, scar and bruise, she healed
Without healing the body we share.
I fear one day he will be back with his silver blue eyes.
The demon has been awoken
I can hear it in the words he has spoken.
Running his mind, changing from green to blue eyes.
It is Javoline, created from lies.
I loved him, saw myself at his side
But I was Katt, Ruhe had no choice but to hide.
I would never betray a friend as Katt did,
But Katt doesn't know my friend, she only knows him.
But the man I thought I loved ran and hid
At a time I let his false words heal the wounds he made.
It was seeing tears fall from those cold blue eyes that killed me.
But Katt's eyes are grey
And Rob's eyes are green.
That is when I knew it wasn't him.
There is a gut wrenching feeling in the room
When he leaves his body and lets Javoline in.
That is when I let Katt come out to play, to sin.
The war we fought, I let him win.
For months I lived thinking they died
But Katt stayed with me, I know Javoline is alive.
This time I am not the victum
Watching as he grows sicker, losing himself quicker.
I swore he was getting so much better
Without me to pinch, hit, lie to or charm.
I thought maybe he would leave her unharmed.
But my angel is here, she tells me he is back
She says now is the time to attack.
My cloths are set out and ironed
My testimony typed up and memorized.
Infront of the mirrors he practices his lies
Trapped behind those blue-green eyes.

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