Stromy Skies

April 7, 2010
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On days the sky is painted grey,
I put my mask away.
My eyes match the cloudy sky, silver and cold
I remember all the foolish things I was told.
The lies that covered bruises.

Rain drops start to fall,
I run outside, to bare my soul.
My tears start falling, there is not turning back now.
I open my heart,
Let the rain wash the blood off my flesh.
Wet hair sticking to a pale face,
Clothes clinging to hidden skin.
I can breath steadily, with throbbing lungs.
Through the stinging tears, I see clearly
This world, the injustices, the black and white lines drawn.
Feeling cold, feeling numb
Dancing in the woods, water up to my knees.

Stormy grey days,
Make me wonder why I put my mask on anyway
When I know the tears will streak unkissed cheeks.
Grey eyes refect a broken heart.
I can't lie and tell them I don't love.
I can lie to myself anymore, I miss him.
Thunder claps loudly, my heart races,
The adreninline, the ecstacy.
Lightning flashes, darkness flees.
A world that claims to be black and white is full of grey.

A bright heart, a bright day, all touched with a shade of grey.
It takes strength to hold the tears back,
But more to let them fall.
To feel so weak.
Brought down to my hands and knees.
Thunder echos, concealing whimpers.
Candles burning out, shouts turn to whispers.
Grey skies clearing, stars appearing
Drying my eyes, staring up at the sky
Stars sparkling, lips trembling.
This is supposed to be the part my hero saves me.
Sweeps me off my feet,
Kisses me gentally,
Wraps his warmth around me,
Without having to lie, tells me he loves me.
But my legs begin to shake,
Brought to my knees once again.
Ice tips my clothes,
Dew turns to frost.
Looking around, I see that I am lost.
Wrong fairytale, wrong story
Wrong happily ever after, wrong ending.

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