My Twisted Nightmare

April 7, 2010
By RchdHgnt23 SILVER, Waynesburg, Ohio
RchdHgnt23 SILVER, Waynesburg, Ohio
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We fight to live,We live to fight
As we scurry throughout the night.
Bodies Battered,Torn Apart
The Darkness already claims their hearts.

Sliced and Ripped,Hacked and Smashed.
This brutal scene adorns my path.
I know this Darkness,Is less then fair.
To heed my wishes,To run from this twisted nightmare.
To grant me this wish,Would be a pity,You see?
As the Darkness continues to torture me.

Slashes and Swishes,With no misses.
Each blow,Tastes of Deaths Kisses.
The Light,The Light...My worthless wishes.
Im skewered,caught like other fishes.

The Darkness is here,Now filling my veins.
Will I ever see the Light again?
Or am I doomed to fade in this hole of black?
With only dreams of the Light,To never shine back.

This Everlasting Darkness,A horrible sight.
My body cold,Death by Night.
But should I fight,For the Light?
Reawaken my strength,Have it burn Bright?

To fight and see another day,
To kill the Darkness,brutally!
Return the favor,Of forgotten wishes.
And realize,Its my future that glistens.

The author's comments:
I had the first 2 lines stuck in my head for weeks,Couldnt think of a way to get it going.Obviously got an idea...I hope people like it

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