Ode to The Last Battle

April 7, 2010
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Ode to The Last Battle

Poor little Puzzle, didn’t even know,
The big bad Shift was just putting on a show
The Ass wasn’t stupid, as a matter of fact
It was all just a lie told by that acrobat

Formulated to trick the donkey to serve

The Ape’s royalty was much undeserved
Shift was selfish, tricky, and often would drool
And Narnia’s the land he wanted to rule

He stitched up a coat, so warm and so long
But Puzzle wouldn’t wear it for he thought it was wrong
Shift kept insisting and finally succeeded
The coat was tied on Puzzle, and boy was he heated

With the lion’s coat tied on the tyranny began
Shift used the Aslan look alike to help him rule the land
Ordering Narnians to cut down the Lantern Waste
He caused King Tirian to kill two Calormenes in haste

Shift announced that Aslan and Tash were one
And everyone would call him Tashlan, then it was done
This made King Tirian extremely angry
And more upset he got, when Shift tied him to a tree

The King called for help from Eustace and Jill
Then Jill used the stars to lead them to Stable Hill
Where Puzzle and Jewel sat waiting to be freed
Upon their rescue their spirits were lifted indeed

Continuing on they followed beats of distant drumming
Once near the Dwarfs, Tirian announced “no more running”
To their surprise when hearing about Puzzle’s morph
It was declared “the Dwarfs are for the Dwarfs”

Back at Stable Hill King Tarian was outsmarted
When Shift told the Narnians why Aslan had departed
And that for a house, the Stable Tashlan took
Shift invited the animals all to have a look

Ginger the cat entered first confidently
But at the sight of Tash he quickly did flee
Seeing Gingers fright no one else would volunteer
To go in side the Stable, so Shift kicked them in the rear

Tirian decided to do the same to Shift
With just one push into the stable he bifted
Bright lights flashed and the earth began to shake
The Narnians joined with Tirian and now the peace did brake

On top of Stable Hill the battle did begin
With both sides trying desperately to win
Battling outside the stable the Calormenes did decide
The way to beat the Narnians is to throw them to Tash inside

Cornered by Rishda Tarkaan and his men
Tirian continues battle by pulling Rishda in
To the Stable where the battle soon would come to close
Once inside Tash took Rishda somewhere no one knows

Now the Kings and Queens of Narnia stood their in Tirian’s gaze
He looked upon their brilliance and surely was amazed
Hiding in a corner, they found a group of dwarfs
They kept trying to help them, but it did not seem to work

Appearing just in time, Aslan came to help
At Lucy’s request, a meal the Dwarfs were dealt
Aslan offered them the best of meats and fine dishes
But alas the meal did not fulfill the Dwarf’s wishes

The Dwarfs did not see the Stable for what it really was
To them it looked and smelled horrid indeed this is because
After hearing about Puzzle they all became conceited
And in the corner of the Stable they all remained seated

With a yell from Aslan the stable door flew open
To the land of Narnia that now was dark and broken
Filled with nothing but creatures from down under
It was surprising to the Narnians there wasn’t lightning and thunder

The Narnians thought ‘what a sight to see’
Watching Aslan call the stars down from where they be
Lord Digory and Lady Polly saw the world when it began
But never did they think they would ever see it end

Aslan granted the true Narnians access to the land
But the unbelievers vanished in the shadow where he stand
Then he requested that Peter shut and lock the door
Peter had a hard time pushing it over the icy floor

Further up and further in, the Narnians did run
Into Aslan’s country, where forever they’d have fun
At the golden gates, Reepicheep welcomed them all in
Making the Pevensie jaws drop, giving them double chins

They were quite afraid of being sent home again
But Aslan explained and helped the siblings comprehend
That they had perished in their land
And from that world they now were banned

Now that Aslan’s country is where they all will stay
No one worries about what will happen the next day
Though for C.S. Lewis this book was the ending
For those in Aslan’s country the Great Story was just beginning

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