My Brick Statue

April 7, 2010
I started as a big red block;
A giant mound of bricks.
They made sure I was good and dry
By giving me a few good kicks.

I sat there in the factory
Until a man came by.
He asked the boss if I was in,
Then made sure I was dry.

When satisfied by my good looks
The man took out his wallet.
He gave the boss several bills,
Who stamped on me ‘He Bought It.’

They wrapped a chain around my base
And one around my top.
A hook latched on to one good link,
Then I began to rock.

I rose straight up into the air,
Then started moving sidways.
They placed me in the man’s big truck.
We started down the highway.

We drove away from the place
And past a little pond.
We cam upon a city
Of which I’m not too fond.

But thankfully we went right through
And didn’t make a stop.
The quiet roads were waiting
For the man in his pickup.

We drove past many fields of grass,
A few more ponds as well,
Until just where we were
I really couldn’t tell.

I saw a forest not too far
From where we were just then.
The man turned down the dusty road
That soon would lead us in.

Once inside the forest walls,
The trees blocked out the sun.
The darkness made it peaceful,
Only sounds surrounding us.

Driving deep into the forest,
We finally arrived
At a little meadow
Which let in some sunlight.

The man put down his tailgate
And set up a few boards.
He slid me off the back
Onto the forest floor.

He took a few steps back
And looked me up and down,
Then took out several tools
And started with a frown.

He took a chisel to my front.
Big chunks began to fly.
He made some odd-shaped curves,
Then stood back with a sigh.

Unsatisfied with what he’d done
He went at it again.
He started at my top this time
And carved for me a chin.

And then he gave me eyes and ears,
Cheekbones, and a nose.
He carved my mouth and gave me hair
And worked on my eyebrows.

My arms and legs came next,
Along with my torso.
He made some finishing touches
As the sky began to glow.

At last when he was finished
The man put up his tools.
Some rain fell from the sky
And formed in little pools.

The man took one last look
Before he drove away.
Standing in the meadow,
I was there to stay.
The next day when the sun came up
The man came by to visit.
He looked at me and smiled,
And talked to me for a bit.

He told me that I was unique.
There was no other statue
Made completely out of bricks
And placed inside a meadow.

The years went by and there I stayed,
Deep inside the forest.
Birds and squirrels sat on my arms
And ivy grew up my breast.

My only visitor
Was the nature that came through.
For who could ever love
An odd-shaped brick statue?

But beautiful I know I am
Because I am unique
My carver must have known that
And that’s why he made me.

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