A Tiny Shiny brown Triangle

April 7, 2010
By Anonymous

There is something in front of me. It is very small. It is the size of a tiny triangle. It is wrapped

are some sort silver paper. It is shiny.

There is a piece white paper sticking out of the silver paper. It has blue letter on it. The letters spell out “kisses”. It smells sweet and sugary. Inside is a small brown triangle.

It looks like something I can eat and digest. I don’t know if it is edible. I may die if I try to eat it. I try the tip of the tiny shiny brown triangle. I feel like the crocodile hunter making his move on an unknown crocodile.

He will try to trap it. WOW! The tiny shiny brown triangle is good. I check to make sure I am alive. I feel good and filled with energy. I am jumping around and jumping everywhere.

I wish I can have more. Yeah! More would be good. Or maybe I should stop because then it could be like an addiction. I don’t want to get crazy over a tiny shiny brown triangle. Maybe I should come up with a different name.

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