Beauty Questioned

April 7, 2010
I think it’s about time,
Someone questioned are definition,
About what we think qualifies,
As a beautiful condition.

Do you have to be striking?
Or as stunning as art?
Should you follow the crowd?
Or independently stand apart?

Is it the outer surface?
Or what’s inside you that matters?
You can rely on this answer,
To save your life from tatters.

Is one simple flaw,
Enough to break the chain,
That holds you to this gift,
But also brings the rain.

Is age a flaw of life?
Or individuality a curse?
Do you want the wrinkles gone?
Or the acne to disperse?

Are you wishing for golden hair?
Or the body of a stick?
Do you wish for abundant strength?
Or to be extremely quick?

Is your personality important?
Do people really care?
All they think about is the girls,
Or how the guys might stare.

What about your thoughts?
What about your dreams?
Do you talk to people about those?
Or only think in extremes.

Will you take the first step?
Or wait for a hero to rise,
To stop the constant judgement,
To silence all the lies.

We each must do our part,
We all must stand and fight,
To stop the constant hatred,
To do what we know is right.

So I ask of you this day,
To take a second glance,
Challenge your idea of beauty,
And give your neighbor a chance.

It’s much harder to love,
And so easy to condemn.
But people often change,
And we can learn to love again.

So I’m questioning our judgement,
And wondering if we can try,
To change how we feel about one another,
And dry their tears when they cry.

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