Dear Almost Lover

April 7, 2010
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Dear Almost Lover,
Memories always remembered
but never forgotten
hopeless dreams differed
left with tears that burn
With you,
you said forever
but now it’s no longer
I should of known
but could not believe
I try to laugh
try to breath
why does it feel impossible,
impossible to be without you?

You had me at ‘I Love you’
your eyes captivated me
you had that affect on me
I could not breathe
Here’s to everything
everything we ever had
all of the memories
all disappeared
I did not realize this, until now
you robbed me,
like a thief in the middle of the night
of trust, faith
and stole my heart as well
Lies and Heartbreak
you said forever and always
you’re not sorry anymore
I will stay strong
with trembling hands and weak knees
I will hate to miss you
with every breath I take

- Broken hearted </3

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