I am everything

April 6, 2010
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I am

I laugh, mocking you. I smile, entrancing you. You are caught irreversibly under my spell. My arm, white as snow, beckons you. I am light, water, air, tree, grass and flower. I hear a whisper, I hear a sound. It is the rain, come to play. The water is a silken blanket. The thunderstorm is my playmate.

My hair is golden rod, my eyes are violets; I have white snow for skin, red roses for lips. I am clothed with slender silver birches, gossamer webs are my lace. I am nature personified.

I am the echoes bouncing back to you. I am the fleeting glimpse that you miss. My song is heard on the wind, my voice in the trees. I dance in the moonlight, twirling grace, spinning beauty.

My eyes dance, casting a spell over you. You try to watch me; try to catch me. I am always out of reach, near enough, and just as far away. I am disdainful, mocking, playful, loving. I am swirling. You see a dizzy blur of colors. Gold, blue, green, silver, red, white. The world is spinning with me. Turning in a never ending dance. The stars are on fire, they throw blue, silver and pale gold light, which orchestrates the beauty of the night.

You see me in the night. Silver moonlight makes me a wraith, a silver being of pure light.

My steps are dainty whispers, leaves rustling. You turn and I am gone. I rest my hand on your shoulder, and I have run away. I am wild. I am free. And yet… I am alone. I have everything and nothing. I am always and never seen. Everyone knows me, loves and hates me. Forgets me, remembers me. I long for you, but never come.

Love me, hate me, dance with me, sing with me. Stop me, pull me. I won’t be held. I escape.

And yet, I am still alone. Will you find me?

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patrickj96 said...
Apr. 29, 2010 at 1:24 pm

Good poem, very creative and original.


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