Fist Full of Hope

April 6, 2010
By zahra5 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
zahra5 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"carpe diem"

I hear the fist pumping

The world jumping

I feel the children crying

While all their people are dying

I smell the fear in their eyes

And the anger in their cries

The constant killing of innocent souls

But the little kid still tries

Throw this rock!!

His voice screams

And through the gunshots it beams

He grips the rocks and his fist locks

"Maybe finally my people will be free"

"And I’ll get to my lost dreams"

He aims and releases his hope for freedom

Rock after rock after rock!!

He never stops

He bleeds and bleeds his red, green, and white

His senses are out of sight

“I only want the killing to stop

Free my people and the rocks drop

To my country I hold on tight

Free at last on one bright night

For my dream I’ll always fight

For we only see the LIGHT."

The author's comments:
The children suffering in Palestine and Iraq for NO REASON. What is their fault? and should this Bystander Effect continue on our watch? you answer the questions.

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