Keeping Away Those Tears

March 27, 2010
Keeping Away The Tears
As you Look In the Mirror
Finding tears flowing down your face
Trying to reach the peek of the lies to find the truth
Searching Yourself Asking ,What did I ever do ?
To deserve A Faith Like this
Crying Out For Help
But No one Hears
You reach out for a hug
But the one who says they love you
Tugs Away leaving you in the cold
Making You Feel All Alone
As you search deeper
You find a feeling inside
That Hurts Like A thousand Bullets
Being Shot At The Soul And Heart
The World You Live in Being Torn Apart
The House You Was Brought up in was never a home
But Yet You Still Smiled
Turned Around And Took A Third Glimpse
And You Saw A Survivor
You Could’ve Listen to the one ‘s
Who Said Your Never Amount To anything
That You’ll Never Be Happy Any time Soon
But You Laughed Every Day
You Made The Best Of What you had
Now Everyday When You Look In that mirror
Now Your Keeping Away those tears

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