Of Stars

March 27, 2010
Do you realize how much you hurt me?
Do you only wish to play?
I don’t want you to seem like this is a game.
Yet you do anyway?
I have a loss of words to say, in person.
You won’t let me tell you.
You won’t help me, yourself, all the way through.
My final chance as a woman,
Thrown away for you
My last chance for love,
I’m at a loss of words
Loss of joy
And soon, maybe, loss of blood
Why do I cry?
What compels these emotions?
Shall I further with my devotion?
Pain, oh how you hurt.
Pain, oh how terribly good it feels.
I dreamt of a day with just you, but you weren’t really there.
I wonder how long you’ve been missing.
I was so scared, I told others but they didn’t seem to care.
In reality you were really a shadow, hidden behind light.
You were as a moon. Using the light from others to make yourself beautiful to me.
Keep me in your thoughts, for you will never find another like me.
Why do you only shine around her? Is she your Sun? If so then what am I?
I don’t care if it rains for eternity.
I don’t care if I drown.
My heart has been through enough, having to tell you….that was enough.
I am done with this, if I have to choose between death and doing this over again
I would gladly jump off a building.
I didn’t want to tell you.
Your Sun forced me into it.
I guess in this crazy solar system I am just a star.
A small star, a young star
My heart still yearns for the warm glow of your smile
The one smile I fell in love with
The one I only hold in my memories
I wish to see it again someday, although I see it often
I wish to see it directed towards me.
Not to my best friend, but to me
And so, the lonely star fell in love with the moon of the earth.
While the sun tries to direct its light to that little star, the moon never notices
The sun is just too bright to not notice, the sun is beautiful, with her warm orange glow
And the little lonely star just dreams. Just dreams of one day becoming as beautiful as the sun.
The star with her dullish blue glimmer is not nearly bright enough for the moon to shine off of.
I’m not enough. I’m not enough for the moon. The moon who calls me “cute”
Of course the moon meant it’s cute that I try my best to shine for him, and I fail.
When my glow brightens, maybe I can win this epic battle
But how to make myself to glow brighter than the Sun? What does she have that I lack?
I am awkward while she is headstrong? I will plea the sun to help me in this war.

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