March 27, 2010
By , Layton, UT

All the tiny insults:
They fill my heart with woe
From the petty comments to the ‘witty’ replies
Oh! They me hurt so
You tell me that I’m horrid,
That I’m ugly and I’m mean
If you keep this up
I’ll just have to make to make a scene!
You really hurt my feelings
Telling me these things
I’m sure they boost your confidence
Like I’ve sewn on a set of wings!
I depend on what you think
Of my every thought and move
Your opinion has sought out my heart
To create a mark, a groove
You make me so self-conscience
So aware of what everyone thinks
Their secret code is so complex
Do they all hate me if they smile and wink?
Thank you for informing me
Of the things that I need to know and are true
Because that is what everyone thinks
And certainly not just you!

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