Dear God

March 26, 2010
Dear God, I know you are quite busy
But do you have some time to spare
Can you take a moment?
To listen to my prayer

Dear God, I know you must be listening
You’re a spirit that no one can see
Everyone believes in you
But no one believes in me

Dear God, You split up the red sea
And you crushed the walls of Jericho
You ignited that burning bush
But that was many years ago

Dear God, we aren’t all that different
You’re invisible as am I
No one seems to notice me
And I need to know exactly why.
Why people have no morals?
Or why kindness stays estranged?
You may listen to people’s problems
But do you ever make a change?

Dear God, Have you seen the poor Haitian families?
Or the effects of poverty and cancer?
How about global warming?
We’re waiting for your answer
If everything happens for a reason
Then why do good people suffer?
As days upon days pass us
Millions of lives are getting tougher

Dear God, promise me you’ll hear these words
Promise me you’ll try
Because it’s hard to go on living
While innocent people die
It’s time you hear these words
The importance of this plea

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