Just You Wait and See

March 26, 2010
Laugh at me some more
Call me what you choose
The sad thing about it is
In the end you’ll lose

I’m tired of the games you play
And all the times we bicker
But honestly you’re wearing thin
While my skin is getting thicker

So I have finally given up
I guess you are victorious
But take a second to think
Is it really all that glorious?

From ignoring and yelling
To gossip and tears
It may seem funny to you now
But just wait a few years

I can’t wait for the day
When you realize what you’ve done
You think it’s all great now
But it’s only just begun

I live for the day
Where our roles are switched
Where you can be the loser
And I can be the ***

That day will make me laugh
Cause I’ve warned you constantly
Karma isn’t kind
Just you wait and see

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