If You Died

March 26, 2010
“And if I die before my sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep….”
Have you ever thought about your death?
The scary thrill of your last breath?
Have you ever thought about what might be?
If you left this earth and if you left me?
Sure yes, I’ll be so very lonely.
But from your pain I’ll be free.
You were never the best.
You always thought you were but give it a rest.
I know some people who’ll be oh so pleased.
If you went away with the deceased.
Haha, you thought we loved you.
But we lied we so hated you.
Do you really think we would care?
Photos and gifts from you we’ll tear.
You strut around like you were so cool.
Come on, honey you looked like a fool!
Don’t think we’ll say anything nice.
Our words and hearts are cold as piercing ice.

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