The Disturbed Soul!

March 26, 2010
By SunnyG SILVER, Bear, Delaware
SunnyG SILVER, Bear, Delaware
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my life is like a crack in a mirror with 7 years of bad luck and it aint gettin better

My life is like a crack in the mirror
With seven years of bad luck
I am running out of breath
trying to find help
Over and over I say anxiously in my head
“Save me, save me from myself, and save me from my soul”
I am always trying to follow my heart
But something always seems to get in my way
Beating my brains not to let it out
A tear transcendentally streams down my cheek
I hurt people that I love
By saying things that I do not mean
I feel as though I am possessed
I have no idea what is wrong with me
It is no surprise that I’ll be here tomorrow
But sadly it will be just the same as the day before
I really am trying to change my ways
But it is no walk in the park
I cannot control myself
I do not want to live like this
day after day, minute after minute
Always knowing they are staring at me.
Not knowing what is going on in their heads
I just blow up
It is like there is a dam inside me
and when im angry it overflows
But with help I will control my water level

The author's comments:
This is my best peice and i love it, it is about my life and the horrible troubles teens go through

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