Our Love

March 26, 2010
By Allison_after_life GOLD, Avondale, Arizona
Allison_after_life GOLD, Avondale, Arizona
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Our love was nothing more than a casual breeze,
Fluttering and soaring through the trees
Full of life, the branches and leaves dance,
Our relationship was enchanting at first glance
As the wind in the air comes to a halt,
Though we quarreled and fought, somehow I was at fault
The solid oaks standing tall, appear lifeless,
Our time we spent together left me feeling breathless

Our love was nothing more than a ripple in the rivulet,
Every agonizing and sorrowful feeling I will never forget
The ripple spreads and begins to diminish,
Even though you said it was over, I feel we have not yet finished
Our relationship like the ocean, vast and an endless abyss,
Your warmth and kindness, I will most assuredly miss
The ocean with its rip-roaring tides,
The passion and love in our lives slowly subsides
Thirst quenching water dries and dissolves,
Altercations and long, tiresome disputes have evolved

Our love was nothing more than a flickering flame,
The words that were spoken, everything said, left me feeling ashamed
The burning flame that was once bright and never changing,
When we last spoke, you said your life needs rearranging
The fiery passion that flourished has disappeared; the darkness takes its place,
When separating and parting ways, I see the disdain written on your face
The hope and light that I held on to, quickly vanished,
Cast out and disregarded from your life, I have been banished
The fire and gleam in your eyes that once adored me was apparent,
Now as the darkness overwhelms us, our love has become transparent.

The author's comments:
It was a poem that I wrote for love that has so long ago passed.

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