Get Over Him Heartbroken Girls!

March 26, 2010
By marwa alabd BRONZE, Dearborn, Michigan
marwa alabd BRONZE, Dearborn, Michigan
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It all starts when you like someone doesnt it? You have days where he talks to you,days he insults you and laughs with his friends, and then you have days where you have play fights and there so much fun. You also get the day where he is always with that girl and he starts to play fight with her instead of you or all the times hes chasing and talking to your bestfriend and not you, you try to get him to notice you but hes still with that girl and you feel your heart start to crack you cry at home so much saying to yourself over and over again "he will never love me." Days pass by and he still doesnt notice you your getting really upset about it, And when he picks on you at school your nearly crying in front of him. All your thinking about all the time is him how much you love him,how much you need him and want him. Your trying to get over him because hes destroying your life but you just cant do it. Its getting so hard you want him. Hes tearing you apart..but you dont have too live like that. Look into your heart look at all the happy moments you have had with your friends and all the laughs you and your family have had together just look at yourself in the mirrior and you will see the beautiful person you are staring back at you look at your friends and how your life was before he came along and you will probably find that you are better off without him if he cant see how gorgeous you are then theres someone else out there that is dying too meet you, Get him out of your life and show him how much you dont need him.

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