Snow Dance

March 26, 2010
By laurasahoodlum BRONZE, Bethesda, Maryland
laurasahoodlum BRONZE, Bethesda, Maryland
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There’s been a lot of snow falling
From the brightest grey sky I’ve ever seen
All I see is white, grey, and the occasional tree branch crash from where it is high above my head


As a branch from a tall oak comes crashing down into the smooth white sea that is called snow
Snow. Right.
That white junk on the ground that is keeping me trapped within my house.
Snow. How I hate you.
And only a few weeks ago, and when I was younger, did I do a snow dance and pull on my pajamas inside out and backwards to pray for the 2 inches that would get us out of school.
Now there is over 2 feet.
2 feet.
2 feet of pure white insanity.

Insanity on my house.

Insanity around my house.
Insanity in my house.

Insanity. I may just go insane.
Homework? Please. Second semester seniors with a second “winter break” don’t do homework.
We were off of school for a solid week. And now there are snow heaps 20 feet high.
And as they melt in the day, the water trickles to the closest storm drain, which within itself is blocked by snow.
And at night the small trickle, and now 19 feet tall heap, re freeze into a thick chunk that won’t start thawing again until the sun rises.
So now that pure white insanity we call snow, is becoming pure white insanity that we call ice.
And as it continues to melt, the high heaps begin to shrink and begin to expose the frozen earth.
But just the same, they leave behind broken trees, fallen power lines, and more than a handful of salt on the streets.
Oh snow, how I wonder why you weren’t only 2 inches high,
My snow dance was not worthy of 2 feet.

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