April 1, 2010
By pinky1116 BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
pinky1116 BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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Billy, Billy, Billy my bear, don’t worry, Billy won’t give you a scare. Billy is cuddly, adorable and loveable, it’s true! Billy has a secret to tell you.

Billy is not your average bear; Billy really has fake brown hair! Billy is a stuffed animal you see, But that’s a secret between you and me!

Billy says we aren’t quite through, so please don’t leave for if do, you will surely rue Billy is a friend of yours and mine, Billy’s “fur” is very fine.

Billy has shiny black eyes; Billy doesn’t care about his small size.

Now it is time from me to bid you adieu, Billy and I will see you soon, so don’t boo hoo.

Oh, wait! Billy has something to say, He’ll see you again another day!

Don’t be sad, don’t you cry, Billy doesn’t want you to quietly sigh.

See you soon, Billy’s friend, because, sadly now it is time to end,

See you soon, Billy’s friend, because, sadly now it is time to end,

The author's comments:
I got the inspiration for this poem from a stuffed animal bear I won from a fundraiser. I brought my bear to my Comm. Arts class and we were given the assignment to write a poem on an object that was important to us. I immediately thought of Billy. This poem was originally aimed for a wide audience of age 5-12, but many others may find this poem entertaining. Special thanks to: my friends, and, of course, Billy the Bear.

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