Seven Deadly Sins

March 31, 2010
Demons came knocking on my door,
So I paused to let them in.
Now as I wait for distant shores,
I contemplate my sins.

I have caused hatred in others,
For the morals for which I stand.
I have committed the sin of Wrath,
but also been at it’s own hand.

I’ve wanted more than I should,
Such an example of Greed.
All I’ve wanted is happiness,
Something better than the life I lead.

I spend hours in my room,
Waiting in the dark.
Laziness holds no pride,
But the tears leave their mark.

I hide my factures behind Pride,
Enough achievements they won’t look.
Pride so they won’t see the cracks,
The soul the devil took.

Lust is a terrible sin,
What started those danger cracks.
I lusted after abusive love,
Now I’m never going back.

I Envy you, the happy ones,
As you go about your day.
You have no fears or worries,
As you laugh and play.

Gluttony is the sin that devours,
The one that tears at my soul.
I feel fat and useless,
Searching for something to make me whole.

I have committed so many sins,
It’s hard to know where to start.
These sins are my undoing,
The reason breaking my heart.

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