May 20, 2008
By Tashi Shuler-Drakes, Bridgeport, CT

What would happen if I just disappeared?
Would any one even try to care?
Wou you ignore and walk away?
Or would you look for me in every possible way?
Even if you never knew me,
How compassionate would you be?
Would you look behind or skip ahead?
Or when it comes to me is compassion dead?
What if you found out you were my last chance?
Would you even give me a backward glance?
Maybe if I shouted, maybe if I screamed?
Would that help you see me?
Its okay because its plain to see
That in a couple of days you won't even remember me
But I will remember, all of it and more
And know that one day it will be my time to soar
It will be my time to step ahead and leave you behind
It will be time to show the world whats on my mind
I will never ignore or walk away
I'll try to help everyone to have a good day
I will unlock what has always been locked before
Even you will see what it is I've had in store
Everyone will know and everyone will see
And it won't even remember any more that you didn't remember me

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