Ode to Destruction

May 20, 2008
By Tashi Shuler-Drakes, Bridgeport, CT

No one understands the frustration I feel when I see ignorance among others.
Why people don’t understand that what they say isn’t moral, right, or doesn’t even show an ounce of human feeling, I don’t know.
Why people think that making somebody else feel low is okay, is something I will never understand.
Sometimes you just feel like shaking feelings back into people because so many of them are void of human emotion.
They have to be, to do and say the things they do.
When you’re constantly picking at someone for no reason, you break them down.
You slowly destroy their inner selves and the shell they wear around them.
Then when you’ve pushed them to the limit, you wonder why it is that they broke down.
That’s how you kill a person’s soul. And the funny thing is that some people don’t even realize.
I’m not trying to call people out, or preach because if I wanted to I could but that gives me no satisfaction.
Especially when I know that they won’t listen because like I said before, a lot of them don’t see.
Not everybody can handle constant picking, maybe I’m one of the lucky ones that don’t fold under all that pressure and don’t just pull the trigger.
Maybe it’s because of the fact that I still have writing left.
Maybe I’m just lucky because paper doesn’t judge.
But even if it doesn’t people still do.

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