You: The Equation

May 20, 2008
You: The Equation

Keep me in your dreams tonight,
Your dreams are mine, mine aren't yours.
I cherish ev'ry moment,
We share together whether,
They are subconscious or not.

I am yours, but you're not mine.
I will remain by your side,
For as long as fate dictates,
I am allowed to do so.
I've savored every kiss,
Every gentle caress,
You've bestowed upon me.
But I don't see this lasting.

Am I just a pessimist?
Not a world-savvy realist,
With optimist tendencies?

I'm a hopeful romantic.
Yes, I know this is quite true,
And maybe hopeless as well.
Is that really a bad thing?
I would not change who I am,
Even if the choice were mine.

Yet, for now, you still remain,
Near my side, within my reach.
Making you an enigma,
Which my hyperactive mind,
Feels the need to figure out.

For once, I know I will fail,
And I am okay with it.
For if repeated failures,
Mean I need extra data,
To substitute into the,
Lengthy equation of you,
Well then I will need more time,
With which to acquire this.
And to me that simply means,
Doing something I enjoy:
Observing and being with,

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Mooky.Capulet said...
Sept. 10, 2010 at 9:51 am
I really really like it
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