Im Scared

May 20, 2008
By lisa abu-bakr, Mount Prospect, IL

I’ m scared of what I have to offer the world,
Or what the world has to offer me.
I’m scared I don’t have what it takes
To enter the heartache of real life.
I want to move on from this hole
I call my home and start a new l
life somewhere else on my own,
But I can’t.
Something inside is stopping me.

I’m scared
I’ m scared I will try and try to move my feet,
But the wind will be too strong for me to even take a step
Towards the future.
I’ m sacred I will run as fast as I can go
But when I look down I’m still standing
Over the exact same crack,
in the sidewalk,
In the exact same spot,
in the exact same place
and realize I’ve gone nowhere.

I’m scared I’ll end up alone.
I’m scared to go off on my own.
I’m scared of change, and the
way life can rearrange itself.

This world is a crazy place
That I want to be in,
Why am I so scared?

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