Tragic Accident

March 31, 2010
Two friends turned to lovers
Always together, barely apart
Their love was strong
Their love was real

One simple touch from him sent chills down her spine
She felt safe in his embrace
She was his world, his everything
He was her life

Everyone and anyone who saw them
Could see how much they loved each other
They were cute together
They were happy

They planned on spending the rest of their lives together
Together forever, or so they thought

One night while riding home from a friends
He got into a car accident
A drunk driver plowed into the drivers side
He died on impact

The girl drove by the accident site
And noticed that it was his car
she got out of her car
And ran to the area

The police held her back
Saying she couldnt go through
She was screaming and crying
Yelling his name

The paramedics pulled him out of the wreckage
His face was bloody and his skull was cracked
She saw his lifeless body and her world was gone
She screamed and fell to the ground

She asked God why he had to take him from her
She didnt want to believe it
She tried getting up but couldnt move
She was frozen in place, staring at his car

The police helped her up and sent her home
She locked herself in her room and cried all night
Her parents and friends were worried
She didnt say a word

The day of the funeral everyone gathered
To say goodbye to a good friend
Great son and loving boyfriend
He is going to be forever missed

She sat in the front row, her face tear-stained
She didnt like everyone staring at her
She blocked out the world around her
And only focused on him
The love of her life

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