The Forgotten- human traffiking

May 20, 2008
By Nicholas Cherry, Gallatin, TN

I sit alone in the dark, no comforts to speak of
I wait alone in the dark fearing the next time
The next time I must “pay my way”
The next time I must serve those who tricked me
Those who gave me a false hope
Those who promised me a better future
A future…..
A future of “Golden” Opportunity

But now I sit alone in the dark
No “Golden” shine can I see
Lost without really being lost, but rather forgotten
Am I forgotten?
Forgotten to sit alone in the dark without hope?
No…, hope, that it is what they must not,…..cannot take.

Hope I will hold on to
A Hope that this will end
That this will not happen to others
A hope that not all human dignity is lost
A hope for a solution
A solution to help
A solution to save
For this I hope
But for now….
Now I sit alone in the dark with one comfort to speak of

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