The Land of Waves

May 20, 2008
By Nicole Chui, High Wycombe, ZZ

The water glistens under the sun, shining in splendour,
As a calm breeze sweeps across the azure surface.
I hear the loud squawks of seagulls,
As the waves race to the shoreline.
They try to engulf my body,
Instead, the rocks are battered endlessly.

The sea sits anchored to the beach, both restless and unperturbed,
I stand with my back to the whistling cold wind.
And as I look into sea, strands of seaweed appear,
Neptune’s hair, a crustacean’s lair, rooted to the bottom of the marine.
Behind the foamy waves are hidden secret treasures,
Slivery, shimmering pearls and gleaming, bizarre shells.

Then the dream shatters as the sky darkens,
the wind roars, thunder cracks,
As water crashes down like waterfalls.
I taste the salt spray,
The bitterness of the sea.
When the sharks invade the reef,
Scattering the colorful masses.

The pungent truth is revealed,
The piercing glare of the moon hits me.
I can feel the frostiness spreading throughout my body,
As I realize the sheer ugliness of reality.
The waves crash into my frail body,
Crushing every bone and the pain jolts me awake.
This was just a dream, a dream of the Land of Waves

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